Thursday, November 1, 2007


I have never ever taken a shot of anything, until just now. For the past few hours I've had a tummyache because I had an entire pot of Assam over the course of an hour (but it was sooo good!). We went out, ate, and I still have a tummyache. Remembering that I'd just picked up a bottle of Fernet-Branca and that it's a digestif, I poured myself a half-shot. Having never taken a shot of anything before, I practiced with water! And then, down it went.

And I really sort of like this stuff. And I hope my tummy starts to feel the same too, and soon.


Hanky Panky said...

If you like Fernet you should try using it in cocktails. Use it in small doses like you would bitters. My personal favorite is the Toronto.

jessica said...

Funny, I was strongly leaning towards trying a Toronto, but we were going over to a friend's place to do some brainstorming and I'm, er, a really cheap date. Next time for sure!