Tuesday, November 27, 2007


1tsp simple syrup
3-4dashes Peychaud's bitters
2oz rye
absinthe rinse
lemon twist

Stir, serve in rocks glass. Recipe: Chuck Taggart

I've been lax about both trying new things, and blogging about them. We met up for a Friday night dinner at the Eastern Standard before a birthday party; Husband's been really stressed so I was the driver for the night, which is why I only had one drink. He, on the other hand, started off with two shots of Fernet and from that point on and with the tender ministrations of Jackson, he was in a much better mood quickly.

So, about that Sazerac: oh, yummy. A whole ton of Peychaud's bitters ended up in my glass which proved to be a Good Thing. A subtle, tasty drink. Sort of sweet but not in a tooth-hurty way.

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