Thursday, May 21, 2009

[pineapple martinique]

2 oz Rhum JM Blanc
3/4 oz Pineapple Juice
1/4 oz Clove-Demerara Sugar Syrup
2 dash Sasparilla Bitters

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass (this one looked like a sherbert glass).

For my second cocktail at Drink, I waited until most of the tingle of the Tabasco was gone before asking Sam Treadway for recommendations for my second drink. The topic of the sasparilla bitters that the bar received came up. One Drink bartender I saw at Eastern Standard a week or two ago inquired if they were mine; while they are in the same bottles that I use, they were not and Sam informed me that they were from another Drink patron, Craig. I got to try the bitters themselves and they did taste very much like sassafras with perhaps a bittering agent or perhaps solely the root's bitterness itself. Sam could detect vanilla notes, but perhaps my palate was a little shot from the Mexican Love Affair. From there, I asked what Sam could do with them and rhum agricole and off he went with an idea.

In this drink, the rhum agricole and pineapple worked together well to produce a great dry Tiki-like taste. In addition, the light clove and sasparilla flavors mingled quite nicely with the hogo notes from the pot-stilled rum. Overall, a great palate cleanse from the heat and spice assault from the previous round, and otherwise a tasty and refreshing drink to boot.

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Craig said...

Wow, glad to see my little experiment is being put to good use! I'm not nearly as clever as Sam or any of the folks at Drink, so they're probably doing must more interesting things. I adapted the recipe from a home-brewed root beer recipe I found on Chowhound, and added a little gentian for bitterness. BTW, I think I found the source for those bottles from one of your old postings!

I've also done some grapefruit bitters and an anisette bitters (based on the aroma of fennel pollent) that uses star anise, fennel seed and tops, wormwood, gentian, dried lavender, and crushed peppercorns).

I just made a batch of lime bitters w/ lime peels, lime leaves, some bay, coriander, cardamom, clove, dried coconut, almonds, quinine, and gentian, macerating in some El Dorado 151 that I picked up in New Jersey. Excited to see how those come out...