Friday, January 6, 2012

atwood grove

1 1/4 Milagro Silver Tequila
1 oz Pimm's No. 1
1/2 oz Spiced Grapefruit Cordial (*)
1 dash Jerry Thomas Decanter Bitters

Build in a hot drink glass and fill with boiling water. Garnish with a quarter wheel of a pink grapefruit.
(*) Grapefruit peels steeped in simple syrup. Allspice Dram and Fee's Whiskey Barrel Bitters were added.

For my second drink at Craigie on Main, I asked John Mayer for the Atwood Grove that recently appeared on their drink menu. The libation was named after one of the largest grapefruit groves in the world where the first pink grapefruit was discovered in 1906. Given John's proclivity for serving drinks with a nod to Texas culture and given the long history of grapefruit production there, I was somewhat surprised to learn that the grove was actually in Florida. I do regret having this hot drink second for it would have been a great way to warm up after walking in the cold.
The Atwood Grove presented a steamy fruit aroma from the Pimm's and grapefruit with a hint of tequila coming through. The sip offered light grapefruit, Pimm's, and cinnamon flavors, and the swallow presented the tequila and spice. Interestingly, with the dilution from the larger than average amount of hot water, the drink came across more like a fruity herbal tea than a potent Hot Toddy.

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