Thursday, February 13, 2014


1 oz Laird's Bonded Apple Brandy (*)
1 oz Lustau Dry Oloroso
1 oz Amaro Nonino

Stir with ice and strain into a coupe glass.
(*) Laird's 7 1/2 Year used here due to availability.

After the Hawthorne, I wandered over to the Citizen Public House where I found a seat in front of John Mayer. For a drink idea, he suggested an apple brandy, amaro, and sherry libation that he had just created for the Puritan & Co.'s new cocktail menu. He had also recently used this recipe in a ShakeStir competition and called it the Cosmo #2 with the explanation, "The Corpse Reviver and Corpse #2 are night and day, just two delicious drinks utilizing a great name. I decided to revive that tradition with an elegant, sophisticated and 'cosmopolitan' cocktail." However, when gave the recipe to the restaurant, he had changed the name to the Uncosmopolitan.
The Uncosmopolitan offered an apple and raisiny grape aroma. The grape continued on into the sip where it mingled with the amaro's caramel, and the swallow showcased the apple brandy along with the oloroso's nuttiness and the Nonino's herbal notes.

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