Wednesday, January 7, 2015

[sagarno scaffa]

1 oz Daron Calvados
1 oz Amontillado Sherry
3/4 oz Strega
1/4 oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

Build in a cocktail glass without ice, and stir to mix. Twist a lemon peel over the top. Note: this is a room temperature cocktail.
For a second drink at Estragon, I spotted a room temperature recipe on Sahil Mehta's Instagram that was his drink of the day on December 8th. With apple brandy, nutty sherry, and spiced and herbal liqueurs in the mix, I was definitely game to try this Scaffa. Once built, it showcased apple, ginger, and spice aromas at first, and later it gave forth more lemon and grape notes. The apple and grape continued on into the sip, and the swallow began with Strega's herbal offerings and ended with a ginger finish. Still lacking a name, I dubbed this one the Sagarno Scaffa to pay tribute to the Basque country's long history of making delicious apple ciders. Sagarno literally means "apple wine" which seems fitting here since the drink contains an apple distillate and a fortified wine.

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