Monday, April 10, 2017


3 oz Brandy (2 1/4 oz Camus VS Cognac)
1/2 tsp Crème de Cacao (3/8 oz Tempus Fugit)
1/2 tsp Benedictine (3/8 oz)
1 Whole Egg

Shake once without ice and once with ice, strain into a 12 oz glass (single Old Fashioned), and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

Two Mondays ago, I sought my evening's mixed drink in my 1948 edition of Trader Vic's 1947 Bartender's Guide. There, I spotted a curious Brandy Flip that reminded me of an egg version of Grandpa's Drunk. In the revised 1972 edition of the Bartender's Guide, Trader Vic commented on this and the drink on the same page, "Drinks called Itchiban, Ichibien. What the hell?" Well, I was game to find out what was up with one of them.
The Itchiban began with a nutmeg and chocolate aroma. Next, the sip was creamy with hints of a darker note from perhaps the cacao, and the swallow gave forth Cognac flavors colored by chocolate and minty herbal accents. Overall, the combination was reminiscent of chocolate milk.

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