Wednesday, April 4, 2018

x marks the spot

1 1/2 oz Appleton Estate White Rum (Privateer Silver)
1/2 oz Giffard Banane du Bresil
1/2 oz Domaine de Canton (King's Ginger)
1/2 oz Lime Juice
1/2 oz Orange Juice
1 dash DeGroff Pimento Bitters (1 heavy bsp Hamilton's Allspice Dram)
1/2 Egg White (1 Egg White)

Shake once without and once with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, and garnish with a floated star anise pod.
After dinner two Wednesdays ago, I ventured into Frank Caiafa's 2016 Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book for something to wrap up the evening. There, I landed on the X Marks the Spot that seemed like a delightfully tropical egg white Sour. In the glass, the X Marks the Spot presented a banana and star anise aroma that preceded a creamy lime and orange sip. Next, rum, banana, ginger, and allspice flavors pleasantly mingled on the swallow to round out the drink.

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