Wednesday, July 25, 2018

white negroni daiquiri

1 oz White Rum (Privateer Tres Aromatique)
1/2 oz Lillet Blanc (Cocchi Americano)
1/2 oz Suze Gentian Liqueur
1 oz Lemon Juice
2 tsp Simple Syrup 1:1 (1/2 oz)
3 dash Orange Bitters (Regan's)

Shake with ice, strain into a Nick & Nora (cocktail coupe) glass, and garnish with a lemon twist.

Two Wednesdays ago, I looked over a collection of Daiquiri riffs that Imbibe Magazine compiled and spotted the White Negroni Daiquiri by Mary White of Sydney's Lobo Plantation. Mary's riff utilized the White Negroni as the "spirit" and opted for lemon juice instead of the classic's lime. Since I have had luck substituting a regular Negroni as the "spirit" in drinks like the Negroni Grog and the Negroni on Saturn, I was definitely game to see what the gentian-driven White Negroni could bring to this equation.
The White Negroni Daiquiri shared funky rum and gentian aromas accented by the fresh lemon oil from the twist. Next, lemon and other citrus notes on the sip led into funky rum and gentian on the swallow. While no major surprises here, the combination was rather enjoyable.

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