Thursday, April 21, 2016

:: mxmo swizzles wrap up ::

For Mixology Monday #108, I decided to enact an idea I had during the Fall last year, namely Swizzles. During the warmer months, I was able to host Yacht Rock Sundays that featured more easy to drink libations that perhaps took a bit more time to assemble than I would want for a regular menu item that could be ordered anytime including during the Friday and Saturday cocktail frenzy. One of those styles was the Swizzle which is one of my restaurant owner's favorite drink styles, and he encouraged me to put more on the menu (or make him ones for his shift drinks as a way to tinker). However, as Yacht Rock Sundays were dry docked for the season in October and brunch was being implemented on Sunday mornings, I began to miss Swizzles and wanted them back in my life. And the one that I made for this event was crafted for and served to that owner just like the warmer months last year. Please read the announcement post for this event to learn more about Swizzles in general and my thoughts on them, but without further ado, here are the participants for this MxMo:
• Pete from Meticulous Mixing whipped up a batch of rhubarb syrup to greet the Spring and crafted the Rhubarb Rum Swizzle. In the comments, he lamented that he was stuck with the rest of the syrup, so if you go that route, there are a few options on this blog to make more mileage out of this Swizzle's syrup!
• BoozeNerd's Christa and Shaun started their Swizzle adventure with the Death & Co. Cocktail Book with Thomas Waugh's Park Life Swizzle before becoming inspired to riff on the Rusty Nail and converting it into a Caribbean style!
• This event broke the seal on Katie of the Garnish Blog and set her on the path to craft her own Swizzles. For her first one, she got inspired by New England with a local cranberry cordial to make the Cape Cod Swizzle using the Queen's Park Swizzle as guidance.
Quantum Leap was the inspiration for Dagreb of Nihil Utopia's Q. Bakula Swizzle utilizing a three rum blend and some classic Swizzle stylings.
• GinHound's Andrea looked to New Orleans as guidance to combine the Ojen Frappe concept with floral candies to capture Spring in the Flavigny Swizzle.
• Nick of the Booze Barons claims not to be a fan of Swizzles due to their over-dilution, so he packed in the flavor in the Liquorice Swizzler with a solid slug of absinthe.
• I, Frederic of the CocktailVirgin blog, combined the Corpse Reviver #2, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, and an arts'n'crafty garnish into the Sinking Ship Swizzle; I also preceded it with 3 other Swizzles to gear my self up to creating one myself.
• Kafka of Kitchen Shamanism was kind enough to write in English again instead of his native Swedish as he recrafted the Singapore Sling to reduce his issues with the classic into the Singapore Express. I was so curious about the recipe, that I have already made this one at home!
• Mr. Muddle himself, Adam, decided to Drop It Like It's Hot with a Pimm's and whiskey number.
• Valerie of the Valcohol blog started with the Queen's Park Swizzle before using it as inspiration for the Rooftop Swizzle which adds pineapple and brown sugar to the equation!
• Doc Elliot's Mixology brought the Southtown and Tepache Swizzles to show and tell this month! Those tinker with dry apricot and funky fermented pineapple flavors, respectively.
• Joel DiPippa of the Southern Ash blog went all Springtime floral with his rum and gin Swizzle, the DeGray Swizzle by way of violette liqueur and honey.
• Finally, Alex of Stag & Otter expanded his horizons with this theme and took his state's Brandy Old Fashioned into Swizzle land with the Wisconsin Old Fashioned!
• This looked rather lonely with a single image (13 would not work as groups of 2, 3, or 4 without having lucky prime #13 as a solo), so here is the Pinwheel Swizzle from the talented mixologists at Backbar here in Somerville, MA. So in the end, I did offer up 2 of the 4 Swizzles I did leading up to and for the event.
• And of course I missed one that was on Instagram because while they tagged me in the post, I did not pick up that it was for this event. So without further ado, here is WSSTIK's Strawberry Bourbon Basil Swizzle! And smashing things with a big wooden mallet makes things feel better and probably taste better too...

Thank you all for picking up your Bos Lélé or whatever barspoon or doctored up piece of timber that you utilized in its place and giving this classic and showy drink build a go! Please revisit the style especially in high humidity nights when the chilling glass can pick up an epic frost. And thank you all to the Mixology Monday readers who visited this roundup as well as all of the blogs that participated this month.


Dagreb said...

Great roundup! As always. Cheers!

Stik said...

I think I messed up my submission Hopefully it's not too late to join the party!


frederic said...

Added that. I remember seeing that on Instagram but it didn't click fully that I should keep track of it (as it scrolled off my alerts page an hour or so later). Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I think I will try some of your recipes with rhubarb syrup. Sounds like a good plan to drain my syrup reserves.