Tuesday, January 8, 2008

[herbal lovely thing]

1oz Fernet-Branca
1oz Amer Picon
1oz Yellow Chartreuse
dash Mole bitters from Bittermens
flamed lemon twist

The secret to having your blog stalked and then having your entries posted on a Facebook group is to mention Bittermens. Hi, Avery! :)

I was at the Standard with my surrogate husband R. last night (Husband is suffering from whatever it is everyone seems to have caught) and wanted something that involved both Fernet and Mole bitters. Jackson gave me this and I really, really am into this drink. You would think that it would taste only of Fernet -- and it is the major player here -- but it doesn't get overwhelming. That yellow Chartreuse has way more balls than I gave it credit for. Really a fabulous drink that deserves a name.

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Avery Glasser said...

Just another drink we'll have to try when we're there next month...