Sunday, August 17, 2008

[unnamed, oddly tasty concoction]

(equal parts?)
Amer Picon
Yellow Chartreuse
Rye (Michter's)
a dash or two of mole bitters

(garnished? I don't remember! An hour after having this drink I dropped my phone in the loo so, um, yeah: hi!)

This drink had that wonderful chilling/warm fuzzy-nosed sensation I adore. I was having an upbeat time drinking alone with The American Way of Death Revisited at Eastern Standard last Monday before going off to a club to dance (and to drown my mobile, apparently), and did that thing that I can't decide if Hugh finds interesting or annoying: which is, to demand something new and tasty with little to no criteria given. I'm usually always game for this, as he has never yet steered me wrong (in fact, he possesses excellent drinks-ESP) and in this case, he came up with this lovely little thing. I'm continually amazed at Yellow's ability to not only stand up to other ingredients in a drink, but to blossom so well in concert with them.


frederic said...

My guess is that if he chose Michters as your rye over a lesser rye, I doubt that he's annoyed by your requests...

Unknown said...

Oh, you know how I am: I can never tell if boys like me. :D