Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Saffron-infused Gin
Lemon-Cardamom Simple Syrup
Orange Twist

Pour into a rocks glass with ice. Mix. Garnish with an orange twist peeled over the drink.

For my second drink last night at Rendezvous, I asked Scott if he had an idea for my next drink -- something that he had been experimenting with lately. He rather excitedly said that he did, and I told him to make it for me without needing to tell me what it would be. I watched as he took out an unlabeled, yellow liquid-containing bottle and another bottle that I knew was some sort of simple syrup. The former was a saffron-infused gin that Scott had made based on a once lost late 1800's recipe. The rest of the drink he sculpted around some of the other flavors in kulfi, and the end product was quite delightful. The herbal components were rather well balanced such that no one dominated the mouth, and the nose was filled with the pleasant smell of the orange oils. Definitely one of the most innovative old fashions that I have had.

Edit 9/4/08: at the time, the drink entry was referred to as "kulfi-esque gin old fashioned" but I updated it since the drink now appears on the Rendezvous menu.

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