Saturday, September 22, 2007

:: an introduction ::

So welcome to this, the public record of my foray into the world of mixed drinks. I'm mainly starting this blog to keep track of what I try and record thoughts about booze in general -- but if you're reading this, it's not exactly private, no? So who knows what this will become. Likely, I'll lose interest and stop updating it!

About me: in my baby book, the first sentence I spoke is listed after my first word (for the record, no), being the succinct I want wine. My nana had something to do with that one! And I do like wine, having been introduced to it at her dining table. When we would have dinners there, I had my very own wine glass (really, a little port glass or something). Alcohol was never a big deal. And as a result, I never really was attracted to it for its intoxication effects as a teen (and a good thing, in the years of wine coolers and Zima).

But I've never really known much about what's out there, never educated myself about wines or anything. And mixed drinks? I knew even less. I'd order Whiskey Sours in bars for years, until a year ago when a friend suggested an Amaretto Sour. I knew there was a vast world of tastiness out there but I didn't know where to start, so I stuck with what was familiar.

So for some time now, a friend has been posting in his livejournal about the traditional cocktails he and his girlfriend have been trying. And it all sort of sounds neat. Then a few weeks ago, they went to an event put on by the LUPEC that was featuring Chartreuse-based cocktails. I read up about his experience and I got to thinking... I actually like herbal flavors, and I did have a stint when I was younger where I'd drink Chartreuse neat: I thought it was a really cool, weird color and I liked the nose-tickle taste. I like anise too, and other flavors that can be off-putting to some. So really, why don't I try delving into the long tradition of the cocktail and see what's to be seen? Er, tasted. Anyhow.

I've never been much of a gourmand but this is somewhere to start! My husband's on board (he's a scotch drinker, something I could never get into), our liquor cabinet is growing by the week, so here we go!

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frederic said...

The next LUPEC event is on the 7th -- a riverboat speakeasy with cocktails served in teacups. Well, a non-moving riverboat but still on the water. We have tickets already...