Thursday, July 10, 2008

sloe gin fizz

1 1/2oz Plymouth sloe gin
1oz lemon juice
1 tsp simple syrup

Shake with ice, serve on rocks and top off with soda.

The scene: sitting at Green Street with A. Suddenly in mid-conversation her eyes widened and she exclaimed "oh my god!". A bottle of Plymouth's sloe gin was sitting behind the bar. I hadn't decided upon a drink yet but faced with this discovery, I had to order a Sloe Gin Fizz. I'd never had "sloe gin" as available in the US -- nor ever the real stuff -- before last night. And my, it is yummy: plummy, mouth-watering, and a gorgeous color. You wouldn't think of this as a drink I'd like what with the citrus, but it didn't bother me and was yummy and refreshing overall... great drink for such a humid evening.

You know what would be awesome? Sloe gin sorbet. Damn, now I need an ice-cream maker...


andrea said...

I have an ice cream maker.... I sense a joint project in the works.

I'm hitting Marty's in Newtonville tonight to see if they have the Sloe Gin. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Cocktails at 80 said...

well, now you have to try it with egg white! In my brief search of recipes about 1 in 4 included egg white. Lazy man's solution - use a blender, blend the egg white/sloe gin/lemon/syrup by itself, then add it, pour and top w soda or put soda in glass and top w/ drink.

We were lucky enough to have a bottle of Lindisfarne sloe gin that I bought in London, much more tart and less syrupy than the Plymouth. You may want to experiment with the amount of sloe gin per drink - you might also try a bit higher.