Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[bourbon el presidente]

2 oz Four Roses Bourbon
1/2 oz Luli Chinato
1/2 oz Rhum Clément Creole Shrubb
1 barspoon Fernet Branca

Stir with ice and strain into a rocks glass.

For my next cocktail, I asked Hugh for a whiskey drink and he had an idea that stuck with the Creole Shrubb theme. The base spirit he went with was a new-to-Eastern Standard bourbon, Four Roses; while I did not taste it alone, reviews of it suggest that it has a pleasing floral or fruit nose to it. To the whiskey and orange liqueur, Hugh added in a bit of Luli, a white wine-based chinchona bark-infused vermouth. The Luli's floral notes mixed well with the Creole Shrubb and Four Roses, and the quinine and other botanical flavors in it helped to lead in to the bitters of the Fernet Branca. Over all, the cocktail was very much a Bourbon El Presidente with a notable bitters signature. Hugh appeared pleased when I commented that it seemed like a drink recipe that I would envision Chuck Taggart to be enjoying and writing about it in his blog.

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