Monday, September 20, 2010

blackstrap cynar flip

1 1/2 oz Cruzan Blackstrap Rum
3/4 oz Cynar
3/4 oz Demerara Syrup
1 Egg

Shake once without ice and once with. Strain into a coupe glass.
For my second drink at Eastern Standard last Monday night, I asked bartender Jimmy Lane if he had any ideas with eggs. Jim asked if bitter was okay, and when I approved, he set to work on this flip. Jim paired up a blackstrap molasses-flavored rum with Cynar liqueur to make a richer, less bitter Cynar Flip. The drink's nose was mainly the molasses from the rum; moreover, the molasses carried over into the sip which transitioned into the Cynar flavors on the swallow. When I gave Andrea a taste, she commented that it was like "a Cynar Flip with training wheels." The only suggestion I could make to Jim was to add some sort of garnish on the egg froth such as a few drops of an aromatic bitters (i.e.: Fee's or Angostura) for both attractiveness and aroma. Otherwise, this flip was perfectly delicious as it was.


Craig said...

someone else had a similar idea:

similar proportions, but using lemon juice instead of egg.

frederic said...

Looks interesting! Although the egg does tone down the flavors. Usually Cynar is paired up with whiskey, and perhaps the Blackstrap is rich enough to work (over other rums).