Tuesday, October 12, 2010

morning call

1/2 jigger Lime or Lemon Juice (1/2 oz Lemon, 1/4 oz Lime)
1/2 jigger Maraschino (3/4 oz Luxardo)
1/2 jigger Absinthe (3/4 oz Kübler)

Shake with ice and strain over shaved ice (rocks glass with crushed ice). Dress with fruit (lemon twist) and serve with straw.

Last Tuesday as I was in the midst of preparing dinner, I opened my new purchase of the wood-covered Here's How, Mixed Drinks book from 1941 and spotted the Morning Call as an unique recipe (novel to me and what I have spotted in books, at least). While we were closer to going to bed than waking up (from the name, it sounds like a Corpse Reviver-like hangover cure), the Morning Call beckoned to us.
The drink's nose was lemon from the twist coupled with fennel from the absinthe. The sip was a slightly dry citrus flavor at first, followed by the absinthe in the middle. Finally, the Maraschino appeared on the swallow with the Kübler absinthe rearing itself again as a lingering licorice note. While the Morning Call was definitely an absinthe-forward drink, it was pretty mild for one either due to the absinthe choice or from the softening effects of the liqueur and ice melt.


Steve Laniel said...

Where do you get Kübler absinthe? Kübler's website says that, in Massachusetts, it's only available at Horizon Beverage Company:


In Rhode Island it's available at a Horizon subsidiary that's 20 miles south of Providence. It's not available at all in New Hampshire.

I'd love to make this cocktail, but it seems hard to get my hands on the main ingredient.

frederic said...

Horizon is a wholesaler and distributor, so they're upstream of liquor stores, bars, and restaurants.

I believe that you can get Kübler at Kappy's, Atlas Liquors, Mall Discount Liquors, Marty's of Newtonville, and elsewhere.

With that said, there is nothing that states that it should be made with Kübler, only that I made it this time with that brand. And another recipe I spotted also listed pastis as an option (lower proof, often sweetened, but same flavor profile). So if you have Lucid, Versinthe, Pernod Fils, or a good pastis, give the recipe a go. But Kübler is out at plenty of places.