Sunday, May 22, 2011

new jersey flip

1 oz Laird's Applejack
1 oz Tawny Port
1/2 oz Galliano
1 dash Regan's Orange Bitters
1 Egg

Dry shake, add ice, and shake again. Double strain into a coupe glass.

Two Saturdays ago, I decided to embark on a late afternoon bar crawl. I started in the South End and wandered around for a bit. I was slightly surprised at how I did not recognize any of the bartenders working, but I realized that it was the beginning of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic and many of Boston's finest were off at this hot, up-and-coming event. While there were interesting new drinks on their menus, I also wanted a familiar face, so I made note of places to return in the future and carried on my way. My travels eventually took me into Kenmore Square, and when I peered inside Eastern Standard, there was a seat at the short end of the bar! Bartender Hugh Fiore greeted me and was surprised to see me in on a Saturday. For a drink, I requested the New Jersey Flip for Andrea rather enjoyed hers when she got it a few weeks ago and I feared that it was going to be dropped from the menu as the weather got warmer. While Hugh took my drink order, he was busy fulfilling orders going out to the patio, so he passed it on to bartender Nicole Lebedevitch.
Nicole returned a few minutes later with the New Jersey Flip. The drink had a tawny port aroma complemented by a vanilla note from the Galliano liqueur. While the sip was creamy and full of body, the swallow contained a rich assortment of port, apple, and Galliano's star anise and vanilla flavors. While the New Jersey Flip was probably in its prime as a seasonal drink a few months back, it did not feel out of place on an overcast day in May.

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