Friday, June 17, 2011

root of all evil

1 oz Root Liqueur
1 oz Housemade Spiced Rum
1 oz Coconut Cream
2 dash Angostura Orange Bitters
1 Egg

Dry shake ingredients, add ice, and wet shake. Strain into a coupe glass.

Last weekend, Doug of the Pegu Blog was in town with his wife as part of their cross country tour. On Saturday night, Andrea and I met up with them at Eastern Standard. For a drink, both Andrea and I honed in on the Root of All Evil which just appeared on the menu and asked bartender Kit Paschal to make us a pair. This drink is different from the Root of All Evil that we had at the Grand Marnier Event. Instead, this one features Art in the Age's Root Liqueur which we were introduced to at Tales of the Cocktail last year via the Appalachian Flip. We later tracked down a bottle at the New Hampshire state liquor stores and made the Prince Farrington Punch. The company based their liqueur after Colonial recipes for root tea brewed from sassafras, sarsaparilla, wintergreen birch bark and other roots and herbs. Thanks to the temperance movement, this alcoholic brew morphed into the root beer soda of today. The Root of All Evil was an Eastern Standard original Flip that shares a semblance with Tiki drinks such as the Painkiller.
The Flip provided a pleasing root beer-like aroma. While the sip was rich with coconut flavor and the egg's smoothness, the swallow contained a bounty of Root liqueur and spiced rum notes. Andrea commented that the Root of All Evil had everything one would want in an egg cocktail -- a glorious full mouthfeel and a bit of sweetness as well. Even though we had this before dinner, it would definitely make an excellent dessert cocktail.

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