Friday, February 10, 2012


2/3 jigger Rye (1 1/2 oz Sazerac 6 Year)
1/4 jigger Dry Vermouth (1/2 oz Noilly Prat)
1 dash Cherry Brandy (1/2 oz Cherry Heering)
1 dash Ojen Bitters (1/8 oz Herbsaint)

Stir with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. I added a Luxardo cherry.

After the Pare de Sufrir, I decided to make a nightcap from Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars: 1903-1933 called the Infurator. I am still not sure if that was a misspelling of Infuriator (*), but the recipe reminded me of a dry instead of sweet vermouth Remember the Maine. Originally I made the drink with half as much Cherry Heering a listed above; however, the flavor was a little lacking without the sweet vermouth's fullness and sugar content. When I remade the drink with more cherry brandy the next day, I was quite pleased with the result.
The Infurator's aroma contained rye notes and I detected the Herbsaint's anise and Andrea picked up more on the cherry notes. The rye's malt and a slight fruit note from the dry vermouth and Cherry Heering filled the sip. The Cherry Heering really shone through on the swallow where it joined the Herbsaint's herbal notes which lingered on into the finish. The Infurator was pretty lightly bodied and dry compared to the Remember the Maine, and it possessed a beautiful subtlety to it.

(*) I later discovered an Infuriator but it was 2 parts brandy, 1 part anisette.


Dagreb said...

It's no misspelling, it's how you say it after too many of them.


frederic said...

LOL. I did find an Infuriator though; however, it is the wrong recipe -- 2/3 brandy, 1/3 anisette.