Tuesday, January 6, 2015

little sinner

2 oz Amontillado Sherry
1 1/2 oz Bonal Quinquina
1/2 oz Avèze Gentiane Liqueur
2 dash Orange Bitters
1 pinch Salt

Stir with ice and strain into a rocks glass pre-rinsed with absinthe. Garnish with an orange twist.
A few Mondays ago, we made our way down to the South End to have dinner at Estragon. For a first drink, I skimmed bartender Sahil Mehta's drink note book, and spotted the Little Sinner that was his drink of the day towards the end of November. Once mixed, the Little Sinner presented an orange, grape, and absinthe aroma. The grape continued on into the sip, and this was followed by a nutty swallow and an earthy finish with soft lingering gentian notes. The coldness and pinch of salt helped to mellow the flavors here, and as it warmed up, the bitter aspects of Bonal and Avèze that I find so alluring began to increase. Overall, the Little Sinner worked rather well as an aperitif.

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