Saturday, September 9, 2017


1 1/2 oz Mezcal Amaras Espadin
1/2 oz Punt e Mes
1/2 oz Cynar
1/2 oz Benedictine
1 dash Bittermens Mole Bitters

Stir with ice, strain into a cocktail coupe, and garnish with an orange twist.
Two Saturdays ago for drink of the day at Loyal Nine, I was inspired by the waning days of Amaro Week to do something bitter and stirred. For a direction, I started with mezcal as the base spirit and thought about how well it paired with Cynar such as in the Midnight Marauder, Bitters & Smoke, and other drinks. To better join the amaro with the agave, I added Punt e Mes which often helps to round out bitter notes and Benedictine which often functions as a binder of disparate elements. To give some extra depth here, a dash of molé bitters finished the drink along with some bright aromas from an orange twist. For a name, I went with the South of the Border theme and dubbed this one the Chachita after Evita Muñoz, a starlet of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

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