Tuesday, December 2, 2008

:: cocktail bitters and tools ::

The Boston Shaker has apparently set up shop at Grand in Somerville, MA (374 Somerville Ave, Union Square). Adam is rather receptive to the needs of the cocktail community and is always asking me what I would like to see, so shoot him an email through his website with ideas...
I spy Marasca cherries, a lot of Fee's Bitters and other brands, ice crushers, and books in that photo. I heard that he has Angostura Orange but I do not see them above. Will have to check it out soon.


Unknown said...


I do have Angostura Orange, but only a few bottles until the next shipment so contact me quick if your interested.

I also have the Whiskey Barrel-Aged Fee's, but only 3 bottles until next shipment!

Thanks again for the post!

Back to entering inventory in the system so we can sell it!

Unknown said...

Oh, and as Sir Fredric mentioned - I'm very open (and excited) to hear what people are looking for. Please feel free to contact me at adam at thebostonshaker dot com or via this link with any thoughts or feedback what-so-ever.

Thanks again for the mention!



Unknown said...

Very cool! Gives me another reason to go to Grand!