Tuesday, December 23, 2008

cynar flip

2 1/2 oz. Cynar
1 egg

Add ice, shake the living daylights out of it. Pour into a cocktail glass.

I must say, and in fact I did say, that this was a pretty risky drink for M. Holliday to serve me. "I trust you, " he said, but I think it had more to do with trusting his memory about what I like to drink. It nonetheless paid off, and it was a drink I genuinely enjoyed. The bitterness of the Cynar is cut just enough by the egg without taking away any of the actual flavor, and I'd recommend it to anyone who was on the fence about liking Cynar (Jess?).

I had asked for a cocktail made with no more than 50% alcohol. Now, I know that a glass of 80 proof bourbon technically meets these requirements, but Scott chose to interpret this as "alcohol being one of two ingredients". This recipe was taught to Scott by Ben Sandrof, of Drink fame. I don't know of Ben thought it up, or if someone else passed it along to him during his travels. A quick google search brought up a reference to a related cocktail, the Guyana Flip, composed of rum, ruby port, Cynar, whole egg, and grated nutmeg. Come to think of it, that sounds pretty good, too.


dfan said...

Ooh, we will have to try that. We just acquired a bottle and have been looking for things to do with it. (Liza's motivation went way up after seeing this commercial.) I improvised a drink with 2 oz Cynar and 1 oz Drambuie after doing something similar with Pimm's, and it turned out very nice.

When we finally went to Drink I asked Ben for a Cynar drink and his eyes lit up (I'm surprised he didn't mention the flip!). He ended up making up a mixture of 1 oz Cynar, 1/2 oz apricot brandy, 1/2 oz Fernet, and, after much deliberation, 1 oz lemon juice. Pretty tasty!

andrea said...

Very cool commercial, about as old as I. That drink Ben made you sounds fantastic - will have to try it at home.

Happy Christmukah to you and Liza.