Thursday, February 12, 2009

no. 13

2 oz Famous Grouse Scotch
1/2 oz Ferreira 10 Year Tawny Port
1/2 oz Housemade Sour Mix

Shake with ice and pour ice and all into a rocks glass. Garnish with a Marasca cherry.

Last night, Andrea and I went to Hungry Mother for dinner. While waiting for our appetizer of spicy pimento cheese with toast triangles and celery sticks to arrive, I asked Duane to make me a Number 13 off of their drink menu. I had previously had Nos. 42 and 43 so this drink must show off some of the earlier phases of their drink menu development. Andrea went even more old school with a No. 2. No. 13 had a bit of a Rob Roy feel to it mixed with a hint of a whiskey sour. Moreover, it was quite easy to drink; Andrea who usually finishes before the slow poky me was rather surprised at that. Perhaps it was due to how the port and sour mix masked some of the rough edges of the Scotch all while keeping the drink rather well balanced.

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