Thursday, July 8, 2010

georgia julep

1/2 Peach
1/4 oz Simple Syrup (Gomme Syrup)
3 sprigs Mint
2 oz Bourbon (Booker's)

Muddle peach with simple syrup; add mint and lightly bruise it. Pour in whiskey and shake with ice. Double strain into a glass filled with crushed ice and garnish with a mint sprig.
On Thursday evening, I spotted a recipe in Salvatore Calabrese's Complete Home Bartender's Guide that would make good use of the ripe peaches we had bought, and I modified the recipe slightly. Older recipes for the Georgia Julep, such as Stanley Clisby Arthur's, call for peach brandy which is nearly impossible to find these days, and perhaps this is why Calabrese opted for the fresh fruit path. This Julep had mint and peach on the nose. We chose a rather robustly flavored Bourbon, Booker's; however, the peach, mint, and gomme syrup seemed to greatly subdue the spirit. The further we got into the drink, the more the mint flavor dominated the peach. While it was not as sweet as most Julep recipes, the pairing of the peach and Bourbon made for a rather refreshing beverage. Fans of sweeter drinks may wish to up the sugar content slightly.


Tiare said...

That julep looks great and i`m gonna try it out tonight.

Thanks for the recipe and beautiful picture.



robm said...

Great idea for using fresh peach in a drink. Another idea takes peach in the direction of a gin smash: muddle dead ripe peach with Peychaud, add gin, mix and serve on rocks with a cava topper. Peach melba in a glass =)