Friday, January 14, 2011

hot shot

50% Siegert's Bouquet Rum (1 1/2 oz El Dorado 3 Year)
33 1/3% Cherry Heering (1 oz)
11 1/9% Angostura Bitters (1/3 oz, 2 tsp)
5 5/9% Lime Juice (1/6 oz, 1 tsp)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. I added a small lime twist to the drink.

After making The Bitter End on Saturday night, I still had some lime juice left over and I decided it was time to make a drink I had spotted in the 1937 UKBG Approved Cocktails a few weeks back. This recipe, the Hot Shot, was created by Ben Joseph and reminded me of the Bulldog with some of the lime's crispness swapped for Angostura Bitters. I figured that if my palate was already warped by the Angostura-heavy Bitter End, this was truly the perfect time to give this strange recipe a try. The Siegert's Bouquet Rum that the recipe calls for was a Trinidad Rum produced by the Angostura Company; I substituted El Dorado 3 Year, but my later research suggests that I should have used something darker and better aged.
The Angostura Bitters contributed a nice froth to the shaken drink. While the Angostura was not as abundant in the aroma as it was in The Bitter End, it contributed along with the cherry and lime. The sip was slightly sweet and full of cherry notes and vanilla from the rum, and this sweetness was dried out on the swallow by the Angostura's spices and the lime juice's crispness. Moreover, the cherry notes continued on in the swallow to complement the lime and Angostura flavors. With each additional sip, the spice level grew especially the clove. From the name, I was tempted to shoot the drink; however, I am glad that I sipped it to the end. For a similarly bizarre embittered Cherry Heering drink, there is also the Pinto from around the same time era.

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