Wednesday, July 18, 2012

fears and failures

1 oz Becherovka
1/2 oz Nux Alpina Walnut Liqueur
1/2 oz Lemon Juice
1/4 oz Honey Syrup (1:1)

Shake with ice and strain into a rocks glass containing fresh ice. Top with ~2 1/2 oz Notch Saison beer and give a quick stir.

After the Cold Blooded Fashion at Brick and Mortar, I asked bartender Evan Harrison for the other drink on the regular menu from that Monday's Spin the Bottle event featuring Chris Lohring of Notch Brewing. This Misty Kalkofen creation was Evan's favorite of Monday's six special offerings and I soon discovered why.
The Fears and Failures proffered spice notes from the Becherovka that included clove and cinnamon aromas. Next, the carbonated sip was a pleasing medley of honey, lemon, and malt notes. The swallow, though, was quite stunning as the Nux Alpina's nut flavors paired incredibly with the Saison's sour notes. Finally, the Becherovka's clove and other spice elements rounded out the swallow.

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