Tuesday, December 18, 2012


2/3 Applejack (2 oz Laird's Applejack)
2 dash Sweet Vermouth (1/2 oz Cocchi Vermouth)
1 dash Lemon Juice (1/4 oz)
1 dash Curaçao (1/4 oz Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao)
(+ 1 barspoon Simple Syrup for balance)
1 dash Orange Bitters (Regan's)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. I added a lemon twist to the drink.

After the Vow of Silence, I still had lemon juice left over, and I found the Snyder in Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars: 1903-1933. The recipe made me think of a Marconi Wireless if it had appeared in James Maloney's The Twentieth-Century Guide for Mixing Fancy Drinks. True, it would probably need a glass rinsed with apricot liqueur to truly belong there, but the small amount of lemon juice did make me think of the Manhattan Bell-Ringer and other drinks.
laird's applejack cocktail pre-prohibition recipe
The Snyder presented an apple and lemon oil aroma that became more orange-driven as it warmed up. A lemon and orange sip contained a fruitiness from the applejack; however, most of the apple flavors came through on the swallow along with the vermouth and a lingering Curaçao note. Overall, it came across more like an Applejack Crusta sans sugared rim than a Marconi Wireless. Perhaps adjusting the applejack and sweet vermouth to 1 1/2 and 1 oz, respectively, or 1 1/4 oz each would have helped to make it more like a Marconi Wireless.


litlfrog said...

This one is really tasty. I flamed the lemon twist, feel like it added something.

frederic said...

Nice. What proportions did you use? The Pioneers book has some great recipes, but many of those need interpretation to make them sing.