Wednesday, May 1, 2013

are you for cereal?

1 1/2 oz Fidencio Joven Mezcal (*)
1 1/2 oz Cocoa Puffs-infused Cream
3/4 oz Luxardo Maraschino Cherry Jar Syrup (**)
1 Egg White

Shake without ice and then with ice. Garnish with a touch of cayenne pepper (*).
(*) Appears on the menu as Old Monk Rum and nutmeg.
(**) Cherry Heering or other cherry liqueur would probably sub well here in a pinch.

For a final drink at Sichuan Garden II, bartender Ran Duan made us something desserty off of the menu called the "Are You For Cereal?" Ran was influenced by Manhattan's Momofuku and their use of cereal-infused milk in many of their items; I did find a SeriousEats article that provides a basic recipe for the flavored milk. Normally, the drink appears on the cocktail menu as an Old Monk Rum drink garnished with nutmeg to make it more accessible, but Ran prefers it with mezcal and dusted with hot pepper which is how he made it for us.
sichuan garden II ran duan cocktail
Once mixed, the mezcal aroma joined that of the spicy pepper garnish. A creamy sip led into a gentle mezcal swallow containing a touch of cherry and chocolate notes. Over all, the drink made for a delightful dessert cocktail.

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