Saturday, August 11, 2018

olaffson's punch

1 whole Lime (3/4 oz Juice)
1/2 Orange (1 oz Juice)
1 tsp Sugar (1/2 oz Simple Syrup)
3 oz Haitian Rum (Rhum Barbancourt 8 Year)
1 dash Maraschino (1/4 oz Luxardo)

Squeeze lime and orange into a mixing glass, stir with sugar and liquors, strain into a 12 oz glass, and fill with cracked ice. Here, I shook the drink and included the citrus shells in with the crushed ice.
On Saturday two weeks ago, I kept with the Trader Vic theme and opted for his 1981 Book of Food & Drink. There, Olaffson's Punch seemed like a delightful refresher after a hot evening of bartending. The recipe was probably named after the Hotel Oloffson in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, given the rum specification (and regardless of Trader Vic's choice of spelling). Otherwise, it came across like a delightful Planters Punch with a touch of Maraschino -- an element that I mentioned in Trader Vic's Pisco Punch the night before. Once prepared, the Punch donated an orange aroma that led into an orange and lime sip. Next, the swallow continued on with rum, Maraschino, and orange flavors to make for an easy going quaff.

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