Thursday, December 8, 2022

mount rushmore

1 oz Bourbon (Evan Williams Bonded)
1 oz Amaro Montenegro
1 oz Fino Sherry (Tio Pepe)
1 tsp Galliano Ristretto

Stir with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with a large ice cube.
Two Thursdays ago, I was perusing Difford's Guide when I spotted the Mount Rushmore. The recipe was crafted by Patrick Pistolesi at Drink Kong in Rome as a Boulevardier riff. Considering that Amaro Montenegro and coffee liqueur had paired well in the Black Magic and Poderoso, I was curious to mix this one up. Moreover, I had just watched Alfred Hitchcock's North By Northwest on my flights back from Portland, Oregon, which featured said historic landmark towards the end of the movie. Here, the Mount Rushmore gave forth a clementine, savory white grape, and roast bouquet. Next, coffee roast, orange, and white wine on the sip climbed into a Bourbon, savory, clementine, and coffee swallow.

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