Sunday, May 4, 2008

:: a slight change ::

I swapped one feminine archetype for another in this blog's title; clearly, I've moved into another role.

Carry on.


Rishi said...

I have always preferred the word whore to slut.

"Slut" is just to clipped, and, well, bourgeois.
Whereas "whore" has this beautiful open vowel, bookend-ed by equally open consonants.

It's such a pleasure to say (and I do get much pleasure from the say-ing)...

so, yes, in other words:

whore feels great in my mouth.

Unknown said...

I have to argue: there is certainly a time and place for the rubbed mascara and smeared lipstick aura of slut. There's a different sort of frisson as it passes through the lips; smoothly sliding, propelled by a sneer, and then a sudden catch as it exits. It's all sharp teeth and pointed tongue -- another wholly intriguing pleasure of linguistics.

Also, to get literal for a moment, "slut" is more accurate a term for my current relationship with cocktails. Were I better at having drinks purchased for me, "whore" would be much more accurate.

Buy me a drink and we can talk. ;)