Thursday, May 15, 2008

nicol's secret pisco punch

pineapple syrup
lemon juice
gum syrup

Now, I'm pretty much a tomboy when I choose a cocktail: ladies aren't supposed to drink brown liquor and all that. Well, I ain't no lady! Punch? Now this is a drink that ladies and girls would both enjoy -- hell, anyone would love punch. It's just plain yummy. And I, too, love punch. And this punch is goood! The gum syrup adds something really lovely to the mouth-feel. I could drink this all night (and if you know anything about the history of punches in the Colonies, you'll know that people pretty much did.)

(credit: John from no. 9. Further information on this punch can be found here.)

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Cocktails at 80 said...

If you liked this, you might want to try the "Wings of Cherubs" recipe. The book contains what seems to me to be a good argument that the Lannes recipe is not the definitive one.

The preparation of the WoC recipe is somewhat time consuming, I'll be doing it for a party on July 10 and will write up the results.