Friday, October 23, 2009

dutch courage

2 oz Anchor Steam Genevieve
1/2 oz Bauchaunt Orange Liqueur
1 heaping barspoon Sugar (white)
1 dash Angostura Bitters
1 dash Angostura Orange Bitters

Stir with ice, and pour ice and all into a rocks glass. Twist orange peel over the top and drop in.
On Monday night after my 10th anniversary of DJing at Ceremony nightclub, Andrea and I walked to Kenmore Square to get dinner and drinks. Josh Taylor and Hugh Fiore were manning the bar that night (first time I had seen Josh be dressed like a bartender instead of a barback who makes great drinks when need be). Josh talked us through the new drinks on the menu including the new "Old Fashioned" section which appeared last Friday. The one that I picked was the Dutch Courage which was listed in Jackson Cannon-ese as using "Fritz's Genever". Fritz's spirit turned out to be the Genever-style gin made by Fritz Maytag of Anchor Distilling, so perhaps the drink could be renamed Dutch-style Courage to avoid trouble from the A.O.C.? The drink had a wonderful orange nose and a rather malty flavor. Moreover, the notes from the bitters and the juniper appeared at the end of the swallow. While I am not usually a fan of drinks served on the rocks, this cocktail benefited from it. The Bauchant is a subtle orange liqueur that was overwhelmed by the Genevieve; however, as the ice melted, the bite of the gin decreased and the orange flavors became more apparent.


Craig said...

I tried to re-create this last night (using Mathilde Orange XO b/c I don't have Bauchant) and realized I was out of genenver! So I tried it with some Rhum Agricole (St. James Royal Ambre) and 2 barspoons of 2:1 cane syrup/water. It was sweet and citrussy, but that was about it - underwhelming. I don't think I strirred it quite long enough to really incorporate the flavors, but the rhum's funk seemed to have been lost in the mix. Maybe the malty backbone of the Genevieve is a better backbone for this drink after all, but I was really hoping the Rhum/orange combo (plus, the base spirit is from a French territory, the flavoring agent is from France, etc.). Oh well, that's what experimentation is all about!

Rick said...

instead of simple syrup, add a darjeeling syrup made with 4 teabags of the tea and 3/4 cup of sugar and reduce it to a nice thickness

add a bar spoon of this and WOW