Thursday, November 10, 2011


1 1/2 oz Old Raj 110 Gin
1 oz Alvear Solera 1927 Pedro Ximénez Sherry
1/2 oz Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth
1/2 oz Clarified Lime Juice

Stir with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a faux lime twist (see text).
For my last drink at Clio, bartender Todd Maul offered me the R.L. as a nightcap. The drink brought together rich, sweet grape notes from the Pedro Ximénez sherry and Carpano Antica and cut them with an overproof gin and clarified lime juice. For a garnish, Todd prepared "twists" using lime juice thickened with xanthan gum, painted on sheets, and frozen before being cut into strips. Unlike traditional lime twists, the citrus oils did not fill the aroma and instead the gin was able to shine through. The sip was a rich grape flavor mostly from the Pedro Ximénez, and addition sherry notes appeared on the swallow along with the gin botanicals. Finally, the clarified lime juice provided a rather pleasant aftertaste here. As the drink warmed up, the faux twist began to soften and donated an extra citrus note and intriguing feel when swallowed.

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