Tuesday, August 7, 2012

skipper kent's planter's punch

3/4 oz Dark Jamaican Rum (Smith & Cross)
3/4 oz Light Puerto Rican Rum (Don Q)
1/2 oz White Crème de Cacao (Marie Brizard)
1 1/2 oz Orange Juice
3/4 oz Lemon Juice

Shake with crushed ice and pour unstrained into a Pilsner glass. I garnished with a lemon twist and added a straw.

After the Toto, I decided to switch gears and have something more tropical and refreshing; therefore, I reached for Beach Bum Berry's Remixed. The drink that I had already bookmarked from a previous perusal was a Planter's Punch variation created by Skipper Kent in Oakland. Apparently, the Skipper Kent chain was notorious for locating near Trader Vic's establishments to siphon off their business.
The Punch began with citrus notes that intermingled with a rum funk. A tart orange and lemon sip led into a funky rum swallow. The crème de cacao's chocolate notes also appeared on the swallow but were rather quite subdued relative to the rum and citrus flavors.  Even though Skipper Kent was a bit of a copycat, I at least appreciate his uniqueness in seeming to favor less sweetly balanced Tiki drinks.

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