Wednesday, November 21, 2012

fo swizzle my nizzle

1 2/3 oz Gin (Grand Ten's Wireworks)
2/3 oz Cynar
2/3 oz Lemon Juice
2/3 oz Simple Syrup
1 pinch Celery Salt (1 pinch salt + 6 drop celery bitters)

Build in a tall glass, fill with crushed ice, and swizzle to mix and chill. Top off with more crushed ice, garnish with mint sprigs, and add a straw.

As I was flipping through Tom Sandham's World's Best Cocktails two Fridays ago, I spotted a page with drink recipes created by Nick van Tiel. Nick was the DJ who ran the show in the downstairs of Locke Ober during The Thing event in October; he is also an ambassador for Pernod-Ricard's English Gins including Plymouth and Beefeater. Not surprisingly, his page was full of gin recipes and the one I picked also had a music-themed name à la Snoop Dog, Fo Swizzle My Nizzle.
nick van tiel gin swizzle world's best cocktails
The Swizzle's mint garnish offered an aroma that preceded the lemon and light caramel sip. The swallow then presented the gin and Cynar mellowed by the salt with perhaps hints of celery. Overall, it was a pleasing fruity, herbal, and slightly complex gin Swizzle.

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