Tuesday, January 22, 2013

cambridge tea

1 1/2 oz Benedictine
3 oz English Breakfast Tea (hot)
4 1/2 oz Steamed Milk (hot)

Build in a heat resistant Highball glass and stir.

For a nightcap at Bergamot, bartender Paul Manzelli offered up a hot drink called Cambridge Tea. Paul described how the mother of one of his old girlfriend's had referred to English Breakfast Tea as Cambridge Tea, and he later decided that he need to recreate an adult version of this libation at the bar. With tea and steam milk, the recipe reminded me of ArtBar's Early Fog that went in a more herbal and less orange and spice direction.
bergamot somerville
The Cambridge Tea presented a caramel aroma in a buttered popcorn sort of way. The warm milk sip led into a tea and herbal swallow; moreover, the tea worked well to dry out the Cambridge Tea on the finish.


Unknown said...

very good i just made one!im gonna have to sell this where i work.

frederic said...

Nice! Where do you work? Bartenders seem to like hearing how far their recipes have spread.