Friday, April 12, 2013

pirate's revenge

3/4 oz Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
3/4 oz St. Germain
3/4 oz Pimm's #1
3/4 oz Lemon Juice
1 barspoon Cinnamon Syrup
1 dash Bittermens Tiki Bitters

Shake with ice and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with grated nutmeg.

For my next cocktail at Island Creek Oyster Bar, I asked bartender Vikram Hedge for the Pirate's Revenge. Vik explained how he and Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli were playing around with St. Germain one night, and the result was a happy accident they dubbed the Pirate's Revenge.
The Pirate's Revenge greeted the senses with a nutmeg bouquet. The lemon coupled with the fruit flavors in the Pimm's on the sip, and the swallow was filled with the rum along with cinnamon, floral, and other spice notes.

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