Monday, September 23, 2013

more than classic

1 oz La Favorite Rhum Agricole Amber
1 oz Aperol
1 oz Braulio Amaro Alpino
1 barspoon St. Germain
1 dash Angostura Bitters

Build in a rocks glass. Add ice and stir, garnish with an orange twist, and add straws.

Two Wednesdays ago, I ventured over to Brick & Mortar. For a drink, bartender Matthew Schrage suggested a recipe he crafted for the list at Central Kitchen, their downstairs neighbor. When he mentioned Amaro Braulio and rhum agricole, I was definitely interested. Moreover, with the Negroni-like feel and the rhum agricole and orange notes, it did make me think of Scott Holliday's Defensio.
The More than Classic proffered an orange and rich caramel note to the nose that gave way to rhum and herbal amaro aromas. The caramel continued on into the sip where it mingled with dark orange flavors. And the swallow began with the rhum and ended with menthol and other herbal notes from the Braulio. Overall, the drink tasted more like an aged molasses-based rum drink than an agricole one.

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