Tuesday, September 17, 2013

vow of silence

1 oz Old Monk Rum
1 oz Kina L'Avion d'Or
1 oz Punt e Mes
1 dash Mole Bitters

Stir with ice and strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

Two Thursdays ago, we ventured over to Sichuan Garden II in Woburn for dinner. There, we were greeted by bartender Joel who wanted to showcase one of his new creations, the Vow of Silence. The recipe was created a few days before via a fortuitous mistake; when he went to grab Tempus Fugit's Gran Classico for a Rum Negroni variation, and he ended up with their Kina L'Avion d'Or instead.
When intentionally made this way, the Vow of Silence offered a dark rum aroma that was brightened by the orange oil from the twist. A caramel and grape sip displayed the Kina's citrussy notes, and the rich rum continued on into the swallow where it was followed by bitter herbal flavors and a chocolate finish. So instead of a rum variation of a Negroni, it was more like a rum one of a Hoots Mon.

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