Friday, February 12, 2016

millionaire cocktail no. 1

1/3 Jamaican Rum (3/4 oz Wray & Nephew)
1/3 Apricot Brandy (3/4 oz Rothman & Winter)
1/3 Sloe Gin (3/4 oz Atxa Patxaran)
1 dash Grenadine (1/4 oz)
Juice 1 Lime (1 oz)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. I added a lime wheel garnish.

Two Saturdays ago, I reached for Hugo Ensslin's 1917 Recipes for Mixed Drinks and spotted the Millionaire No. 1. While I have had variations of this century old classic by way of the cachaça and Damson gin Brazilion Million and the hybrid Millionaire of Havana, I have not had the classic itself. Although to put a curve ball in the formulation, I opted for patxaran, a sloe berry infused liqueur, instead of sloe gin proper.
The Millionaire began with lime oil, berry, and Jamaican rum hogo aroma. The lime continued on into the sip where it mingled with the apricot and perhaps fruit notes from the grenadine, and the swallow shared funky rum, dark tart berry, and coffee flavors.

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