Sunday, February 14, 2016

santa rosa

1 1/2 oz The 86 Co. Tequila Cabeza
1/2 oz Lemon Juice
1/2 oz Combier Crème de Peche
1/4 oz Contratto Bitter (* see text)
1/4 oz Agave Syrup

Shake with ice and strain into a coupe glass.

Two Mondays ago, we stopped into Audubon for their Tequila Interchange Project charity night. While the link will tell you more, TIP is a non-profit organization advocating sustainable agave harvesting, ensuring quality, and preserving tradition. For the night, Audubon's Tyler Wang and Eastern Standard's Kevin Morrison were making cocktails and pouring straight spirits in order to raise money to safeguard agave's future.
The drink that I requested was the Santa Rosa that had the basic idea of a tequila Jasmine. I say this because it is not a far stretch to swap peach liqueur for orange, and Tyler Wang described the Contratto Bitter as somewhere between Campari and Aperol (it tasted more like Campari to me, but perhaps a blend would substitute in a pinch). Once mixed, it proffered a bitter peach aroma. Next, lemon on the sip led into tequila on the swallow that was joined by an earthy bitter that paired well with the peach.

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