Sunday, February 7, 2016

john street

3/4 Scotch (2 oz Buchanan's 12 Year)
2 dash Dry Vermouth (2/3 oz Noilly Prat)
1 dash Crème de Noyaux (1/3 oz Tempus Fugit)
1 dash Orange Bitters (Angostura Orange)

Stir with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

For Bobby Burns Night on January 25th, I began to scan Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars: 1903-1933 for Scotch options. There, I spotted the John Street which was one of three recipes in that section containing whisky, vermouth, and crème de noyaux. Since Bobby Burns recipes range from Benedictine, Drambuie, and absinthe in the Rob Roy format, having another liqueur in the formula did not seem that big of an aberration.
The John Street began with an almondy aroma with a whisp of smoke. Malt and white wine on the sip transitioned into smoky whisky, nutty, and orange flavors on the swallow.

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Tom said...

I will have to try this after our wonderful Superbowl dinner with you! All our drinks were extraordinary. Tom (and Bill)