Sunday, August 4, 2019


1 1/4 oz Lime Juice
1 1/4 oz Papaya Nectar (Goya)
1/2 oz Peach Nectar (Goya)
3/4 oz Honey Syrup
1 1/2 oz Demerara Rum (El Dorado 5 Year)
1 oz Lemon Hart 151 (Plantation OFTD)
3/4 oz Gold Puerto Rican Rum (Diplomatico Añejo)

Blend with 4 oz crushed ice for 5 seconds and pour into a Headhunter-style Tiki mug with ice (whip shake, pour, and fill with crushed ice). Garnish with a pineapple finger speared to a red and a green cocktail cherries (mint sprigs).
For the final part of my juice trio, I returned to the papaya nectar that was christened in the Astro Aku Aku and opened up peach nectar for this one: the Headhunter. The recipe was crafted by Mannie "Blackie" Andal of Manhattan's Hawaii Kai Restaurant during the 1960's, and it was provided by Beachbum Berry in his Remixed book. The drink also seemed like the perfect time to take my new mug from the Boston Shaker Store for a test rum. Once prepared, the Headhunter donated mint notes over papaya and peach aromas. Next, lime, honey, and peach on the sip snuck up on a burly rum and papaya flavored swallow.

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