Sunday, June 1, 2008

[delightfully light fizz of unknown name]

Velvet Falernum
egg white

Topped with ground cardamom. Origin unsure, read on...

I was so very happy to have ended up at ES with F&A last week, especially in light of my disappointing experience in Chicago! Hugh made this for me at the end of the evening, and it was a very lovely thing indeed: very light and airy with a satiny mouthfeel. It really provided an excellent example of an attentive and highly-skilled bartender; I've been really into rye whiskey drinks for the past few months -- although I do also like gin-based drinks, as you know -- yet my bartender pulls out this drink (Hugh thought it was from the Food&Wine Cocktails 2008 book although browsing through it at the bookstore, I was unable to locate the recipe) which is unlike my usual fare, yet is clearly suited to my tastes. Perfect.

Certainly, there is an advantage of proximity and history that the Chicago 'tenders did not have, but I am still so very glad to live here and have access to these bartenders in particular. Also, getting up to Wicker Park from where I was staying was way more annoying than my typical drive from home into Boston (also, fewer hipsters here :D).

Post note: I think Jess had the Gin-esaisquoi which was from the Food & Wine: Cocktails 2009 edition, not the 2008. --Fred

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