Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[gin sazerac]

3 oz Genever Gin (Anchor Steam)
1 sugar cube
2 dash Echinacea-Gentian bitters
Absinthe rinse (Kübler)
Lemon oil

Last night, A and I took out Jess and her husband to celebrate Jess's "21st" birthday for dinner at Montien followed by drinks at No.9 Park where the honorable John Gertsen was presiding with his up-and-coming protégé Matt. After others ordered the Chrysanthemum-variant called the Crocus which uses Anchor Steam's genever gin, I asked John what else he was making with it lately. He suggested a few things including this Sazerac variant which I went with.

A standard Sazerac style was employed with the bitters-soaked sugar cube muddled in the mixing glass before ice and gin were added. After stirring, it was strained into a rocks glass that had been rinsed with Kübler Absinthe. A lemon peel was squeezed over the top and was also used to coat the rim.

The bitters were one of the more dominant flavor components of the drink. John gave me a small sample to taste on their own. A striking 160 proof concoction of gentian root and echinacea that could probably hold up to a strong rye rather well. With the gin, it was a little overpowering but still rather tasty.

This ups the Sazerac's boozes I've had to three: rye, cognac, and gin.

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