Tuesday, June 10, 2008

:: variety is the spice of life. ::

I could make some sort of multiple-participant sexual reference but that would be a. juvenile and b. too easy. You may notice that additional authors have popped up to the right: this blog has gone on for a while now as my collection of recipes, originally so I could keep track of what I've tried. But more and more, I find myself coming back to it as a reference tool and what could be better in a reference tool than more data to reference? So expect more frequent posting from various personalities, and perhaps something more akin to actual journalistic writing! Introductions below...

Andrea aka "A" of previous mention is a brilliant scientist and writer and a wonderful drinking companion, and if you're a local I'm certain you've seen her and Fred out and about and imbibing in our fair city. She's got fabulous taste but never give her Chartreuse and gin together.

Frederic aka "F": probably the most responsible party for my having become a cocktail nerd. For quite some time he has been cataloging drinks in his personal journal and finally, a post he made with a link to Gumbo Pages finally set me over the edge and onto the internet to place a $$ absinthe order from the UK. The rest, as you are aware, is history. Fred's also a developing mixologist and recently got some attention for his work in drinkboston.com! (I feel like such an ass for not liking that drink).

Rishi: referenced as "Surrogate Husband", "partner-in-cocktail-crime", and immortalized as "favorite drinking companion" in a Yelp review once: it's all true. It all started from a long conversation at Thanksgiving about cocktails, dovetailed into him meeting Husband and myself at Eastern Standard that very next night, and resulted in his current ruination and inability to stomach a mediocre drink. He will be spending most of the summer in Mecca (aka SF) and will hopefully be providing field reports to those of us who only have three amazing joints to choose from.


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